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Low Poly City Builder
Free trial
Get the plugin for free, check the 3d models + LPCB tool + LPCB terrain editor tool before buying it. (ready for render configuration is not included).

free Trial pack info

Free Trial pack
Low Poly City Builder
Residential Buildings
• 91 Residential Buildings ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

residential pack info

residential buildings
Low Poly City Builder
commercial Buildings
• 91 commercial Buildings ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

commercial pack info

commercial buildings
Low Poly City Builder
Industrial Buildings
• 64 industrial Buildings ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

Industrial pack info

Industrial buildings
Low Poly City Builder
state Buildings
• 17 state Buildings ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

state pack info

state buildings
Low Poly City Builder
Nature Objects
• 278 Nature Objects ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

nature pack info

nature objects
Low Poly City Builder
More than • 500 Objects ready for render + LPCB Plugin + LPCB Terrain tool.

Objects pack info

Low Poly City Builder
Get the Standar pack of low poly city builder that means: + 16 blocks pack + 29 commercial pack + 9 industrial pack + 12 nature pack + 17 residential pack + 109 street 3d models pack

standar pack info

Residencial buildings

Commecial buildings

Industrial buildings




Low Poly City Builder
Get the full pack of low poly city builder that means: • 60 Full blocks pack + 17 State buildings + 91 Full commercial pack + 64 Full industrial pack + 200 Full nature pack + 91 Full residential pack + 500 objects. (More than 1000 3d objects)

Full pack info

Residencial buildings

Commecial buildings

Industrial buildings

State buildings



Low Poly City Builder
Skyscrapers PACK
25 skycrapers blocks pre maded + 66 SKYSCRAPERS + 200 skycrapers 3d objects to load

skyScrapers pack info


skyScrapers Blocks
Low Poly City Builder
25 rural blocks pre maded + 60 rural buildings + 103 rural objects

rural pack info

rural buildings

rural Blocks

rural Objects
Low Poly City Builder
transport PACK
200 low poly vehicles like motorcicles, trucks, airplanes, cars, trains AND MORE

Transport pack info

Low Poly City Builder
Instand download of the full pack + ALL EXPANSIONS PACKS that means: rural pack + skyscrapers pack + transport pack + auto city generator (almost 2000 3d objects and buildings ready to use)

Full pack info

Is the main store for buying 3D builders, Our products are:

• LOW POLY CITY BUILDER standar pack
• LOW POLY CITY BUILDER full pack (under development pre-order)
• LOW POLY CITY BUILDER farm expansion (under development pre-order)
• LOW POLY CITY BUILDER skycrapers expansion (under development pre-order)
• LOW POLY CITY BUILDER trasport expansion (under development pre-order)

low poly builder

Is the main store for buying 3D builders, Our products are:

• LPCB Residence pack
• LPCB Commercial pack
• LPCB Industrial pack
• LPCB State pack
• LPCB Nature pack
• LPCB Objects pack
• LPCB Standar pack
• LPCB Full pack
• LPCB farm expansion
• LPCB skycrapers expansion
• LPCB trasport expansion
• LPCB Bundle pack


If you have not ever use 3D Max Studio, it does not matter you will not need any knowledge of it. With LOW POLY CITY BUILDER you can create any urban design that you want . All objects are pre-made and ready to be used.......easier than playing LEGO.
All 3D objects, buildings and blocks comes in OBJ - FBX format and can be easily export/import them to another 3D's software such as:

• Maya
• Cinema 4D
• Blender
• Rhino3d
• AutoCAD
• and more...

Low Poly city builder plugin works on 3D max 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016
• Render setup: 3D max ScanLine and 3D max Vray

low poly city builder ( plugin )

Its a low poly city fully modeled ready to render on 3d max studio, LPCB is a plugin that contains tons of good polished low poly buildings and 3d models to make your life easier and faster development of your proyects. Its works on a sytem grid that give you flexibility to place any object on the grid and make the seems place correctly.

lets check it... on this images

LOW POLY CITY BUILDER works on a system grid that give you flexibility to place any object on the grid, making the placing of the object fit perfectly into the space.

LOW POLY means that all the models have small amounts of polygons making all the scenes smaller in size and running faster for all computers to process the data... EVEN IF YOU GOT A LOT OF MODELS ON THE SCENE.

TERRAIN BUILDER: This feature will allow you to create a surface terrain fast and easy for your city with the proper size of maps and auto-applying materials, even auto heights.

lets check it... on this images

low poly city builder

low poly city builder

low poly city builder

low poly city builder

You will find on the PACKS the following items:

• 3D Max plugin (see instructions)
• Builder Main Scene (starter) (see instructions)
• 3D object files on .MAX and .OBJ format
• Codex
• Instructions
• Script Plugin
• Images Textures
• 3 sandboxes with examples of use.

You will enjoy it!

video tutorials

image gallery

Using the Low Poly Builder -LPB- Royalty Free License

LPB products are Royalty Free. This means that after purchasing the LPB product you are not required to make any future payments (or pay further royalty fees), you will grant access to updates of the purchased pack, and you can use LPB products for as long as you like, in multiple projects, as long as you comply with the license agreement. The Royalty Free License is the final and authoritative agreement on your PERSONAL USE.

You are not allowed to RE-SELL any pack, city, object or plugin pruchased from Low Poly Builder products, doing it will cause legal cosequences of copy rights.

Types of Uses

Detailed list of allowed uses:
News, film, movies, television programs, video projects, multi-media projects, theatrical display, software user interfaces; architectural renderings, computer games, virtual worlds, simulation and training environments, corporate communications, marketing collateral, tradeshow promotional items, booth decorations and presentations, pre-visualizations, product prototyping and research, mobile, web, print, television, billboard advertising, online and electronic publications of blogs, literature, social media, email campaigns, website designs and layouts, desktop and mobile wallpapers, screensavers, toolbar skins, books, magazines, posters, greeting cards, 3d printing, apparel items, brochures, framed or printed artwork, household items, office items, lenticular prints, product packaging and manufactured products.

Games Usage

Redistribution: Most uses (including games made with Unity and Unreal engine) are acceptable for redistribution because the 3D files are part of a larger creation and not in an open format. Giving away the 3D model file itself is not allowed.

Virtual Good Sales You may NOT import, upload, reproduce, make available, publish, transmit, distribute, or sublicense LPB Products in Creations of virtual goods or worlds for any 3D community (“Virtual World”).


Allowed games usage: Console, PC, web, mobile games; Virtual and augmented reality; Game mods; Closed MMOs and closed Virtual Worlds.
Prohibited games usage:

• Redistributing or otherwise making LPB products available to end-users.

If you are redistributing something that includes actual 3D product files, the LPB files must be part of a larger creation and not in an open format that others can be downloaded. Most game engines, such as Unity and Unreal, handle this automatically. In general, to prevent your end-users from obtaining LPB products, you should use proprietary formats that cannot be extracted, exported, or decompiled without reverse engineering.

• Using LPB products in Virtual Worlds. This use is prohibited if the virtual world-type is an open MMO, like Second Life. However, the use is allowed if the MMO is a closed MMO, like World of Warcraft. More specifically, the 3D model may not be exported or sold.

• Using LPB products in Browser based games. This use is prohibited if the game runs in Web GL and the LPB products can be extracted or decompiled.

Corporate Use

Allowed corporate usage: Architectural renderings, Website design, Corporate communications, Marketing collateral.

Prohibited corporate usage:

Business logos or trademarks.

You are free to use LPB products as part of project that features a business logo or trademark, but the LPB product cannot be an actual component of the business logo or trademark because you cannot trademark somebody else’s 3D model design (and make it exclusively your own). Templates.

You may not redistribute LPB materials as part of any design template, After Effects template, stock photography, video or clip art for distribution or licensing through any online stock media clearinghouse.

Educational Use

Allowed Educational Usage: Instructional videos, Walkthrough tutorials, Course work.

Prohibited Educational Usage: You may not redistribute any altered or unaltered part of LPB products to your students. If you wish to use free LPB materials, you may instruct your students to sign up on LPB so that they can download the same free content or make their own purchase.

Physical Creations - 3D Printing

As long as the purchased 3D models is part of a larger work that substantially changes the creation, or incorporates the model in a larger collection physical objects, it’s fine to use for 3D printing and other physical creations like articles of manufacture, custom vehicles, furniture, jewelry, sculptural artwork, toys, and physical entertainment goods (“Creations of Physical Form”).

People ask if they can buy a 3D model and then resell prints of that exact model, which is not allowed.

• Using the model as is: If you just want to use the model without changing it much or making it part of a larger creation, you can do so for up to five items for personal use, gift or donation: 3D prints, apparel, artwork, other physical creations.

LPB Royalty Free License

This is a legally binding agreement between licensee (“you”), and LPB regarding your rights to use Low Poly Builder Products from the Site under this license. “You” refers to the purchasing entity, whether that is a natural person who must be at least 18 years of age, or a corporate entity. The rights granted in this agreement are granted to the purchasing entity, its parent company, and its majority owned affiliates on a “royalty free” basis, which means that after a Purchase, there are no future royalties or payments that are required. This agreement incorporates by reference the Terms of Use as well as the Site’s policies and procedures as such.

Unauthorized Use:

If you use Low Poly Builder Products in an unauthorized way, LPB may terminate your account and pursue other penalties, damages, losses, and profits LPB is entitled to under this agreement or at law or equity. The following are unauthorized uses that are explicitly prohibited:

a. Competition. You may NOT use Low Poly Builder Products in a way that competes with the Site or the Low Poly Builder Products themselves.

b. Re-Distribution. You may NOT re-distribute, publish, or make Low Poly Builder Products available to any third party except in the form of a permitted Creation, or shared as authorized in this agreement.

c. Group Buying. You may NOT aggregate funds to Purchase Low Poly Builder Products with one or more other parties. An example of this prohibited use is a website membership where members pool their money to make a single Purchase that is shared by the members of the group. Each such member must Purchase individually.

d. Low Poly Builder Product Clearinghouses. You may NOT publish, distribute, or make Low Poly Builder Products available through any online clearinghouse infrastructure.

e. No Obscene or Unlawful Use. You may NOT use Low Poly Builder Products for any defamatory, harassing, pornographic, obscene, or racist purpose.

f. False Attribution. You may NOT misrepresent yourself as the creator of Low Poly Builder Products.

License Term & Termination

1. Term. Your right and license to LPB Products is perpetual, unless terminated as described herein.

2. Termination. Your license grant is terminated immediately and without notice in the cases below. In such termination, you and any recipients of LPB Products must cease use, distribution, and destroy all copies of LPB Products.

a. Reversal of Purchase. Your right and license to LPB Products are contingent on your Purchase of LPB Products. Any payment reversal of a Purchase for any reason immediately terminates all rights granted under this agreement. Potential Reasons for a payment reversal include:

i. LPB reverses your Purchase at your request.

ii. LPB receives a charge back notice from your bank or credit card cancelling your Purchase and withdrawing the funds used for your Purchase.

iii. LPB determines in its sole discretion that your Purchase was fraudulent. iv. Your purchase was made with a dishonored check.

v. Your purchase was made and there is a bank transfer failure.

vi. When you are granted delayed payment terms, and fail to make payments such that LPB sends you notice and terminates your account.

vii. You RE-SELL any pack, city, object or plugin pruchased from Low Poly Builder products to third partys.

Comments section

Joseph Bril
I love this tool its so cool

Kim Laoth
I could not export the formats to Blender, after requesting help from the support center in matter of minutes they contact me and helped me to export the files correctly and also to configure my platform for later use. I highly recommend this product and the great support team

Shan Joseph
Great work, good support! Thank you!

Beam Lights studio
The work that was going to take months we did in days, awesome tool thanks!

Jovan Mijuskovic
Awesome work. You could include pictures (jpeg or png) of the renders/models inside packs.

Michael Cameron
Thanks for this awesome work :)

I bought it, I tried it and I will say two words about it — Must Have!

This Is An Essensial Plugin With Unimitied Possiblities For Any 3d max User !

Wow!!! Thats really great tool

Jennifer Stairn
Damn, this is sick. Amazing job with this!

luca dilogio

Mateo Carranza
Very Professional

Anya Petrova
Keep the good work!

soohong kim
LPCB FULL BUNDLE COLLECTION PACK Do you have all the contents of your purchase?

emily carlson
you save my day!!

Ricky Dudson
--soohong kim-- I purchased the LPCB Bundle pack and YES its comes all the elements that the pack offers.

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